The Melbourne Flinders St. Station is one of the top 5 famous landmark. It has the central transport system of Melbourne and holds the famous domed clock tower. The architecture possesses a distinctive style that keeps attracting visitors and even the locals. This station serves an average of 10,500 people going to and from the Flinders Station.

The Federation Square will suit the taste of the innovative and modern people, it is located just across the Flinders Station so it is not hard to miss. Many people find this to be the best meeting place because of its location and space. This area is also a host to many events and fireworks displays. Like Flinders Station, this attraction is located in the busiest center of Melbourne so there is no way for the moment to be dull. Weekends seem to be the time for many exhibits in Federation Square and families just love to spend a couple or hours to learn more of what is featured.

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